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Why Business Website Needs Redesigning

Why Business Website Needs Redesigning

In today’s world, it is very much important to keep yourself updated with the latest trends. If you are having a website which deals with your business for a longer time than the website redesign concept will act as a game changer for existing business. We are all aware of this fact that for a website average lifespan is 3-6 years. This will change as per the time and new updates of various search engines like Google, Yahoo and much more. Is is necessary if we stay in touch with the latest updates so that we can implement it over the website for achieving an enormous number of business goals.

Below are the listed reasons for opting the website redesign so that your website will be updated and relevant in today’s competitive world.

Is your website responsive?

People find easier to access the website from their mobile phones, tablets, iPad and much more in comparison to accessing it on laptop or desktops. So, for this it is necessary for the website to be responsive in nature, so that people can easily access it from all standard devices hassle free.

Quickly check your website responsiveness from Google mobile friendly and if it is not responsive then it is a high time to opt for the website redesigning.

Website Simply Outdated?

If your site is older than 3-5 years, you probably should consider a redesign. Web technologies are constantly changing and in today’s connected world, you must stay current. Visitors form an opinion about your website in 0.05 seconds. (That’s not a typo.) You then have 10 seconds to capture your visitor’s attention and let them know what your business is all about. To put the icing on the cake, 75% of visitors judge a company’s credibility based on their website’s design. That’s an incredible amount of make-it or break-it moments in an unbelievably short amount of time. If your website doesn’t look fresh and well-maintained, it’s probably time for a redesign.

Older & Outdated Website

Your existing website is older than 3-5 years, you presumably ought to consider an update. Web technologies are always showing signs of change and in today’s world, you should remain updated with the same. The web site visitors can form an opinion about your site in 0.05 seconds. You then have 10 seconds to catch your guest’s consideration and let them realize what really matters to your business. To put the what tops off an already good thing, 75% of visitors judge a company’s credibility based on their website design. That is a mind boggling measure of make-it or break-it minutes in an inconceivably short measure of time. On the off chance that your site doesn’t look crisp and all around kept up, it’s presumably time for an update.

Things are Breaking!

A self-evident, enormous warning is when functionalities begin breaking on the website on a regular basis. If visitors find hard to explore pages effectively, or finish call-to-activities, odds are your deserting rate could soar.. Not just that, quite possibly’s they’ll abandon your organization all together. Broken destinations ordinarily mean old coding, which demonstrates the site is old and hasn’t been legitimately kept up. When things begin breaking, it’s unquestionably time to consider an update i.e. Redesign.

Social Media

It is safe to say that you are via web-based networking media? Are your records joined into your site? On the off chance that you do utilize online networking, extraordinary! On the off chance that you don’t, you might need to rethink your web based promoting technique! At the point when a site conspicuously shows social sharing catches, social shares can increment up to 700%. This lone means more brand acknowledgment and conceivably higher SERP’s, since Google is including online networking to their calculations.

Since 78% of private ventures now get approximately 25% of new clients from web-based social networking, joining your social stages into your site can just lift business. Since a noteworthy control of striking marking is to be steady, you’ll need to guarantee that both your site and online networking destinations depict a similar brand component. A crisp, new upgrade will permit you to do only that.

Website speed

Site speed is an unfathomably essential element to consider. An amazing 40% of clients will leave a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to stack a mind boggling misfortune. A moderate site will likewise influence your internet searcher rankings from Google additionally calculates page speed into their calculations.

There’s a limitless measure of data accessible clarifying how moderate load times have a fundamentally negative effect on organizations. In the event that you have an eCommerce webpage, around 18% of buyers will relinquish their shopping basket in light of moderate site. Also, regardless of whether your site is an eCommerce webpage or not, 46% of clients won’t come back to a site that performs inadequately.

SEO Best Practices

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the mysterious and ever-changing world of search. If your business hasn’t been focusing on maintaining and developing SEO best practices, now is the time to redesign your website with SEO in mind.

Organic search generates over 50% of all website traffic. That’s an incredible percentage, showing that investing in SEO is absolutely worth it. Since 75% of people only click links on the first page of search results, and more importantly, 60% of all organic clicks go to the top 3 organic results, it’s important to make sure you have an SEO strategy in place, and that your website design accommodates that strategy.

The way in which search engines rank websites has undoubtedly changed since their inception. To make sure you don’t miss out potential opportunities, you should talk to an SEO expert. We’ll help you develop a long-term SEO strategy to reach your web-related goals!

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