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Are you looking to move your website from WordPress to Drupal? And if you think it is a complex process and will lose data in process. No need to worry as our migration specialists at PTI WebTech will take care of all your WordPress to Drupal migration service. All your existing data including your posts, categories, images, videos, comments will be migrated without any issues. You never need to worry about data loss or downtime issues. Your users will never feel any hint of work being done in the background as wordpress to Drupal migration services will be seamless.

Why choose us for WordPress to Drupal Migration?

No Downtime

We are highly experienced in migration services and have successfully migrated hundreds of websites from WordPress to Drupal. We can guarantee you that there will be no downtime whatsoever as all testing will be done in our test servers before moving on to your live servers.

Your content is safe

All your content will be 100% safe since we do preliminary test on our servers and only when you certify that everything is safe, we’ll go ahead with the migration on the live servers.

Maintain your Search Engine Rankings

We can guarantee you that your search engine rankings will not be compromised at any cost whatsoever.

No Plugins or migration tools

Even though there are many readymade WordPress to Drupal plugin available, you can’t guarantee all data will be completely migrated. And this is where migration specialists like PTI WebTech will come to the fore in migrating all your data without any issues.

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