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How to Assign Any Tags to Customers When Creating an Account

How to Assign Any Tags to Customers When Creating an Account

Assigning wholesale tags to customers during the account creation process streamlines this segmentation and ensures that customers are appropriately categorized from the outset. In this article, we'll explore how to effectively assign wholesale tags when customers create an account on your Shopify store.

Understanding Any Tags

Before diving into the technical aspects, it's essential to understand what wholesale tags are and how they benefit your business. Wholesale tags are labels or identifiers that you can assign to customers to differentiate between retail and wholesale buyers, VIP members, or any other segmented groups. These tags help in applying specific pricing, discounts, or privileges to different customer groups, optimizing your sales and marketing strategies.

Implementing Wholesale Tag Assignment During Account Creation

Now that you have your wholesale tags set up, you'll want to ensure that customers can be assigned these tags when they create an account. This requires some modifications to your Shopify store's code. Here's a guide to implementing wholesale tag assignment during account creation:

Setting Up Wholesale Tags in Shopify

To begin, you'll need to set up your wholesale tags within the Shopify admin dashboard. Here are the steps to follow:


Step 1: Edit Account Creation Form

Navigate to the account creation form in your Shopify theme's code. This is typically found in the register.liquid or create-account.liquid file within your theme's templates.

Step 2: Modify Form Fields

Add a field to the account creation form where customers can select their wholesale status or membership level. This could be a dropdown menu, checkbox, or radio buttons, depending on your tagging system.

Step 3: Capture Wholesale Tag Selection

In the form submission handling code (often found in the create-account.liquid or account.liquid file), capture the value of the wholesale tag field upon form submission.

<div class="field">

   <input type="text" name="customer[tags]" value=""

     placeholder="Add Wholesale Tag"/> 

   <label for="Add-Wholesale-Tag">

     Add Wholesale Tag





Step 4: Save Changes

Ensure that the changes to the account creation form and tag assignment logic are saved and applied to your Shopify theme.


Assigning wholesale tags to customers during account creation is a powerful way to segment and manage your customer base effectively. By following the steps outlined in this article and customizing them to fit your business's needs, you can streamline the wholesale tagging process and unlock the full potential of targeted marketing and personalized experiences for your customers.

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