Development Process

It’s an intermediate model or rather we should say a compromise between traditional waterfall method and extreme programming/development methods.

The process that we follow is all about giving the customer the best final results so that they can know they are getting the best options as far as treatment and authority. First, the communication happens through chat or phone. This will help the information be relayed properly from you to us. After this stage is complete, we will make a mockup – or virtual creation – of what you’re looking for in your final product. This will be tweaked until you are happy with what you are seeing in front of you. Once you’ve approved it, we will work it into real creation, testing it until we get the results that you are looking for. This includes debugging until we’ve got all of the kinks worked out for your benefit. You’ll get what you’re looking for in maintenance needs after delivery, too.

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  • Requirement Analysis & Proposal

    We will do the work centered around looking at what your business needs to make sure that you are ordering the correct thing. Above all else, is customer satisfaction. We will put together a plan so that you can see how the creation will help your development.

  • Planning it Out

    We need to carefully design a plan before we put anything to action. This is where we will iron out any kind of wrinkles or concerns so that your needs are heard and taken care of by our professionals. This will bring success to your doorstep.

  • Design

    Once we get the research and plan done, we will put up some design options so that you can see what you’re going to be working with. This is beneficial for both you and us so that we can make sure that we are both on the same page and heading in the right direction.

  • Mock Up Options

    These mock up options are really a great idea for those in business, because it will allow them to have maximum flexibility so that you are looking at the best things for you and your life as far as your business needs are concerned.

  • Creation ( Development )

    When the time comes to actually start the technical part of your work, we’ll be happy to help you get all of the details into creation, working out the kinks and fine tuning it to the idea that you were looking for.

  • Bug Hunt ( QA & Testing )

    While the entire process is centered around making sure everything is working perfectly, we are also taking the time and motivation to do a detailed bug hunt after the first version is into creation. This will be ongoing until we’ve worked all of those bugs out of the system and kicked them out.

  • Release & support

    Now the time has come for us to let our product through the gate and into our company. It will be in the best shape possible and will give you what you’re looking for as far as the final product.

  • Aftercare

    For all of your needs that are going to come as far as maintenance and upkeep, we’ll be happy to provide you with all of those answers so that your product is perfectly taken care of.

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