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Revenue Generation By Google Apart From Offering Free Service.

Revenue Generation By Google Apart From Offering Free Service.

Nowadays almost half of the population browses Google for any single activity and thus get desired & satisfactory result from Google. It receives approx 50,000 searches each second from every corner of the world so you can assume how Google is beneficial for every class of people.

Have you ever thought that how does Google generate revenue by offering us free searching service. This blog is sharing some of the few aspects related to this which will be the most helpful for those who are not geeks and technical.

Advertisement: Your every single activity is captured by Google and hence all the information or activity associated with the searching is selling out to the various businesses in the form of the advertisement by Google. That’s why Google offers all its services free so that they can further revenue generation will be done. Apart from this Google also provides video advertising on YouTube.

Email: Google charges extra if users want to access all Gmail’s features with additional storage space and best cloud services.

Storage Services: Since, we are aware of the fact that Google offers 15 GB free combined storage and for further storage access users need to pay an extra amount.

Products for the consumers: This is in the form of the hardware devices like Nexus tables, Google mobile phones, Chrome OS notebooks and much more.

Products for the enterprises: Google offers various products like apps (Google Drive, Gmail, etc.), premium Apps API, Google Apps engine and cloud platform for business (with PaaS, storage, real-time analytic and IaaS).

Products for the advertisers: Google offers services like Google AdWords (the advertising program based on user search), Google Adsense and DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

Google Fiber: Google offers fiber optic broadband internet access to select states like Kansas(United States) in the year of 2011.

So, now that you understand that underlying philosophy of Google’s business models which assist it in revenue generation.

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