Possible Ways To Upgrade Drupal 7 And Drupal 8 Minor Version Via Command Line As Well As Manually.

Possible Ways To Upgrade Drupal 7 And Drupal 8 Minor Version Via Command Line As Well As Manually.

Before thinking about upgrading the Drupal minor version you must take backup of codes and databases. Here are the two most popular ways.

1. Manually (Mid-level knowledge in Drupal)
2. Command Line (an advanced level)

  • Drush command lines operations.
  • Composer command lines operations.(Drupal 8 recommend it.)

Manually updating Drupal minor version

If you’re new to Drupal and not familiar with its terminal/console lines operations then recommend you to follow this way. You can perform the up gradation process in using exclusively a graphical user interface (GUI) mode.

First Step

Login to your site’s admin panel and do the site in maintenance mode.
(Admin menu ->configuration -> maintenance mode)

Second Step

Drupal 8 download core code and replace with root folder.
Remove ‘core’ and ‘vendor’ folder and related file like .htacess , index.html, index.php, info.php, INSTALL.txt, robots.txt, composer file etc.
Leave ‘modules’, ‘sites’ and ‘themes’.


Drupal 7 download core code and replace with root folder.
Remove includes misc, modules, scripts, profiles, themes folder and other CHANGELOG.txt, COPYRIGHT.txt, INSTALL.sqlite.txt, index.php etc supported file.
Leave ‘sites’, folder and if some CRM works with “profiles” folder then also leave this folder.


Rrun update.php and update database. ( https://sitename.com/update.php )

Updating Drupal modules version

Here we can update module by two ways

  • Download module zip file, unzip and replace into module folder. All installed custom and contrib modules have placed in the “module folder”.
  • login admin panel and “Administration -> Reports”. Select the update tab and upgrade one by one manually.

Updating Drupal 7 Core via Command Line

People who have advanced programming skill and love command line mode then its most suitable and quick way to upgrade minor version as well as modules.

Step First

Activate maintenance mode using drush

drush vset --exact maintenance_mode 1 drush cache-clear all
Step Second

Take backup

drush archive-dump
Step Third

Upgrade code

drush pm-update drupal
Step Fourth

Put site online

drush vset --exact maintenance_mode 0 
Clear cache


drush cache-clear all
Update Module

All module update command

drush up

Single module

drush up [module]
Updating Drupal 8 Core via Command Line
First Step

Activate maintenance mode using drush

drush sset system.maintenance_mode 1  
drush cr

Drupal 8 drush and composer both are working, sometimes drush command very easy to Enable and disable the module. And sometime composer command very useful to download module with all dependence so we can use both command line in Drupal 8. Commonly composer use for download core and module and drush use for work with the internal environment.


Take backup

drush archive-dump

Upgrade code

drush up drupal

Update all dependence

composer update drupal/core –with-dependencies

Update database, if any required database updates are needed

drush updb

Deactivate maintenance mode

drush sset system.maintenance_mode 0
Cache again


cahes drush cr
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