Suyogaḥ means ‘good opportunity’ in the Sanskrit language. Suyogaḥ offers specially designed and curated handcrafted home décor products.

Suyogah, a purveyor of divine and home decor products crafted from brass and copper, embarked on a digital journey with PTI WebTech. Our collaboration began with the design and development of their eCommerce store, evolving into a comprehensive partnership encompassing branding, SEO, and performance marketing on Google and meta platforms. Suyogah's commitment to delivering exquisite metal creations found resonance in our dedication to crafting an equally exceptional online presence

eCommerce Setup: Suyogah sought an impactful digital storefront to showcase its divine and home decor products, emphasizing the need for a user-friendly eCommerce setup.

Branding Identity: Establishing a distinct and resonant brand identity was crucial to differentiating Suyogah in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

SEO Optimization: To enhance visibility and reach a wider audience, robust SEO optimization was necessary to ensure Suyogah's products appeared prominently in relevant searches.

Performance Marketing: Leveraging Google and meta platforms for performance marketing was identified as a key strategy to drive targeted traffic and boost sales.

Our Approach:
eCommerce Store Development: We commenced with the design and development of an intuitive and visually appealing eCommerce store, focusing on user experience and seamless navigation.

Branding Strategy: Collaboratively, we devised a comprehensive branding strategy that encapsulated Suyogah's ethos, incorporating visually appealing elements and messaging that resonated with the target audience.

SEO Optimization: Implementing advanced SEO techniques, we optimized product listings, meta tags, and content to enhance Suyogah's online visibility, ensuring higher search engine rankings.

Performance Marketing Campaigns: Tailored campaigns on Google and meta platforms were meticulously crafted to target specific demographics, driving qualified traffic and increasing the likelihood of conversions.


  • Design
  • Development
  • Strategy
  • Training
  • Ongoing Maintenance

Tech Stack

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Java Script
  • Bootstrap
  • Shopify
  • Jquery
  • PHP
  • Google Analytics
  • Ajax


Robust eCommerce Presence: Suyogah now boasts a robust eCommerce store, providing users with a seamless shopping experience and showcasing the intricate craftsmanship of their divine and home decor products.

Distinct Brand Identity: The collaborative branding efforts have solidified Suyogah's distinct brand identity, setting it apart in the competitive market and resonating with its target audience.

SEO Success: SEO optimization efforts have resulted in improved search engine rankings, ensuring Suyogah's products are prominently featured in relevant searches, attracting organic traffic.

Performance Marketing Impact: Targeted campaigns on Google and meta platforms have significantly increased Suyogah's online visibility, driving qualified leads and contributing to a steady increase in sales.

Conclusion: The ongoing collaboration between PTI WebTech and Suyogah stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering digital success. By crafting an intuitive eCommerce store, shaping a compelling brand identity, optimizing for SEO, and executing impactful performance marketing campaigns, we've empowered Suyogah to showcase its divine creations to a global audience.

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