Anyone who is the owner of any business or company can run ads for search engine for their business. Our expert team of pay per click management, utilize the latest paid search technology, optimizing and testing techniques to produce more revenue from your investment. We influence a coordinated way to deal with paid media that includes paid search, programmatic, display on the search engine, and paid social to convey your possibilities focused on advertisements that increase traffic and leads, total with landing page optimization, creative development, and much more.

PTI WebTech’s senior search marketing team counsels with small businesses and large enterprises across the country. You’ll even have direct access to our work the board programming to perceive how and when we optimizing your campaigns on an ongoing basis.. Request a FREE brief preparing online class. 100% American made, We don’t outsource and we just contract senior-level Google certified experts. If you’re looking for more information on how we create comprehensive successful paid media campaigns, check out our paid search services page.

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Crush the Competition:Benchmarking Analysis

When you would like to avoid the unnecessary competition and be at the top of your niche, then you just come to our platform and we provide extraordinary range of PPC marketing services. Here at our platform, you can see the several numbers of the trained and experienced PPC consultants. Our PPC consultants analyze the ad copies, landing pages, ad spend and keywords of your competitors for understanding the most competitive landscape and also we do the best audit to your website. We do a complete research in order to ensure that your bids are highly competitive.

Lure in Leads with Landing Pages Analytics

When considering your ad campaigns, they will take your searchers to your commercial website but there should be a consideration of landing page. A landing page is what transforms the site traffic into the conversions. We do the detailed analysis of the landing pages in order to ensure that your searcher is being taken to the page which is both engaging and also attracts them to do further action. Our landing page analysis service is just as the benchmark to analyse your business lead generation landing page.

Master the Market: Market Analysis

Our team of experts gather all related information on the search volume, competitiveness, and also approximate cost per click (CPC) of the websites and key terms specific of your brand offerings. Through this research, we will choose the buying terms and related site placements for reaching the qualified consumers who are always ready to take action. We are doing this study of market analysis to know the dynamics activities and attractiveness of the special market for reaching your business goal and attract more potential customers around your region through the extraordinary market plans to make your website reputation.

Analyze to Optimize: Analytics Tracking

We are running the most successful PPC management company where there are extensive numbers of professional staffs to do all the works for you to gain immediate business results. It is one of the most considerable ppc services in jaipur from our firm. It is highly necessary for your successful digital marketing campaign. Our PPC team of experts will put a special tracking code on your business website when you are choosing the Google Analytics. We offer the best tracking and reporting service to your ecommerce website in order to track the sales activity and performance.

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