Ganesh Creations

Ganesh Creations, a Jaipur-based home decor exporter in India, approached us with a vision to elevate their online presence and expand their reach globally.

Ganesh Creations, a prominent Jaipur-based home decor exporter in India, envisioned a digital transformation to showcase their exquisite craftsmanship to a global audience. Partnering with PTI WebTech, Ganesh Creations sought to not only establish a captivating online presence but also implement effective marketing strategies to expand their reach.

Our Solutions
Website Design and Development:
PTI WebTech designed and developed a visually stunning and user-friendly website for Ganesh Creations, ensuring a seamless online experience for visitors.The website was crafted to showcase the intricate details of their home decor collections, fostering a virtual showroom experience.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
PTI WebTech implemented a robust SEO strategy, optimizing the website for relevant keywords and ensuring higher visibility on search engines. Local and international SEO tactics were employed to attract both local and global audiences.
Social Media Marketing:
Social media platforms were leveraged to amplify Ganesh Creations' brand presence. Engaging content, including visuals and videos, showcased the artistry behind each home decor piece.


  • Design
  • Development
  • Strategy
  • Training
  • Ongoing Maintenance

Tech Stack

  • Web Design
  • Wordpress
  • Bootstrap
  • My SQL
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Figma
  • Trello


The collaboration between Ganesh Creations and PTI WebTech resulted in a successful digital transformation. Ganesh Creations now stands at the forefront of the Jaipur-based home decor export industry, celebrated for its craftsmanship on a global scale.

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