LiquorExam is a comprehensive online Alcohol Server and Seller Training platform designed to provide the tools necessary for you to be able to sell alcohol legally and responsibly. and Affordable Alcohol Training LLC, founded by Edward Mclean in 2003, envisioned making essential alcohol server training accessible to a wide audience. Recognizing the critical role of comprehensive training in the hospitality industry, especially for alcohol servers and bartenders, PTI WebTech collaborated with LIQUORexam to build a robust learning system on Ruby on Rails technology. This partnership extended to ongoing management, ensuring the platform's continuous effectiveness and relevance.

Comprehensive Training Platform: LIQUORexam aimed to create a comprehensive online training platform that could efficiently educate individuals in the hospitality industry on responsible alcohol service.

User-Friendly Interface: Ensuring a user-friendly interface for seamless navigation and engagement with course materials was crucial to the success of the training program.

Scalability: Anticipating a growing user base, the platform needed to be scalable to accommodate an increasing number of individuals seeking alcohol server training.

Our Approach:
Ruby on Rails Development: Leveraging the power of Ruby on Rails, we developed a robust learning system that could efficiently handle the complexities of online alcohol server training.

User-Centric Design: We prioritized a user-centric design to create an intuitive and engaging interface, making it easy for individuals in the hospitality industry to access and navigate the training materials.

Scalability Planning: The architecture of the learning system was meticulously designed to be scalable, ensuring it could accommodate a growing number of users without compromising performance.

Ongoing Management: PTI WebTech has been dedicated to the ongoing management of the learning system, implementing regular updates, security measures, and ensuring that the content remains relevant to industry standards.


  • Design
  • Development
  • Strategy
  • Training
  • Ongoing Maintenance

Tech Stack

  • Web Design
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Bootstrap
  • PostgreSQL
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Figma
  • Trello
  • Digital Ocean


Accessible Training: has become a go-to platform for individuals in the hospitality industry seeking accessible and comprehensive alcohol server training.

User Engagement: The user-friendly interface has contributed to high levels of user engagement, with individuals navigating the training materials seamlessly and completing courses effectively.

Scalable Growth: The learning system's scalability has allowed to accommodate a growing user base, meeting the increasing demand for alcohol server training.

Ongoing Effectiveness: PTI WebTech's ongoing management ensures that remains a reliable and effective platform, adapting to industry changes and staying ahead of technological advancements.

The enduring collaboration between PTI WebTech and exemplifies our commitment to creating impactful online learning experiences. By harnessing the capabilities of Ruby on Rails and prioritizing user-centric design, we've empowered to fulfill its mission of providing essential alcohol server training since 2003.

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“PTI has shown expertise in programming and problem-solving."

The system being developed by PTI WebTech is excellent, particularly in terms of the technical skill of the team and their ability to solve issues that arise. They are responsive and understand the business need, offering excellent service throughout.

Edward McLean

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