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GoodFirms Endorses Prerna Trimurty Infotech for Giving Best Digital Solutions

Delivering a wide range of web design and development services to global clients validates Prerna Trimurty Infotech to get endorsed by GoodFirms as one of the top ecommerce service providers. View the Prerna Trimurty Infotech's GoodFirms' profile to get aware of its vision, mission, and robust services. About Prerna Trimurty Infotech Being one of the successful offshore web design and development outsourcing providers, Prerna Trimurty Infotech (PTI) incepted in 2009...
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6 Amazing ways to Boost Your Business

Business requires a lot of struggle in the initial. Customers won’t willingly hand over the money to you. If you want an improvement in your business hustle is the answer. If you are not operating a multi-millionaire company right now, this is the time you would definitely love to learn something new for your business. The complete universe is changing and nothing is constant in the business field, there are...
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Ecommerce Opportunities in India

For the last decade, there has been growth in ecommerce business, and hence there has been a rise in career options. Now to prove there has been growth in the Career Opportunities in eCommerce in India, know a few things as in the coming five years the e-commerce company is supposed to grow by approx. USD 100 billion. And it will be contributing around 4% to the National GDP. Flipkart is the...
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Selling on Amazon/Flipkart/Paytm? 6 Reasons You Can’t Ignore Building Your Brand.

Today brand creation in e-commerce is very essential. Small brands always look out for big sales in Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, and Snapdeal forms where they can create a profit. Even if you have just started selling on, e-commerce website, brand creation is very essential. Even if you sell quite well offline, you need proper marketing to get longtime customers. If you want long-term success of e-commerce, you will have to...
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Facebook Launches Portal and Portal+ Device for Video Calling aimed Privacy Concerns

Facebook’s mission is to connect users with their friends and families. Now it is the first time when Facebook will sell a device to do just that. Facebook has recently launched two video calling device one is Portal and another one is Portal+. The device is centered around video chat and the features of the device like a camera, speaker, screen and microphone. Both the devices are available for pre-order...
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Google Shut Down Google+ After Failing to Disclose User Data Leak

Now Google has confirmed that it is close to the Google+ service permanently, it was launched 7 years ago concurrent to Facebook, but it is failing to make an impact on people as compared to Facebook. If you think that it is a big news then you are wrong. The biggest news is that Google hid the data leaks. According to the journal report of Wall Street, the bug of...
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Prerna Trimurti Infotech Pvt. Ltd.: One of the Salient Web Development Companies in India by GoodFirms

GoodFirms recognizes Prerna Trimurti Infotech as one of the pivotal web development companies in India. GoodFirms is a maverick B2B research and review firm that analyses each company’s potentials based on different parameters. These parameters include client satisfaction rate, industry experience, market penetration, industry outreach- industry and category served, product quality, dedication towards the project, level of complexities and challenges, etc. What made GoodFirms rank Prerna Trimurti Infotech (PTI) in...
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software development

Aspects of SDLC with its phases and models.

What you think the SDLC is terms of technology. Numerous article defines its benefits and types and following the same I am redefining it with my own terms so that you can easily understand it. If you are planning to start the software projects, then it is very compulsory to understand its concept to avoid any hassle. There are five phases of SDLC and we need to follow each phase...
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How Traditional Marketing Swaps through Digital marketing?

Nowadays marketing is as much as important, like breathing air and eating food. Everyone wants to promote their brand for enhancing their sales, which unbox their existing business more. Everyone knows that most parts of the business rely on marketing that to accomplish development, advertising the business is the key component that needs to be implemented. Many small and emerging businesses scramble with decisions of marketing & promotion due to...
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Mailchimp newsletter subscription, in single click without confirmation

What is MailChimp? MailChimp is the world’s leading email marketing platform. It is the best way to collect the emails and create the email campaign. It can be used anywhere. Like used in e-commerce: Easily connect your shopping cart to your MailChimp account. Track online orders, set up an automated messaging, and generate more revenue from your campaigns using MailChimp's e-commerce features. We find out all subscribers. Usually, MailChimp asks...
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