How To Setup An Online Store ?

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The way that you market your business is important, there’s no question about it. Something that is equally important, however, in a time where everyone is looking for a way to break into the online business world, is how you look with your online store. Many businesses haven’t yet jumped into the idea of opening an online store because they haven’t really planned for it, properly. Even though the store is online, appearances matter, so you need to make sure that you take it as seriously as you would take a regular “bricks and mortar” store. As such, you need to have the same professional guidance. PTI WebTech is here with all of its professional knowledge to make sure that you really make a splash in the world of online shopping. Make sure you know what you’re doing before you do it, this is the general rule of thumb. After all, if you are unprepared for your business online, your customer will see that, and move on to a professional company who really has taken the time to prepare its store.

Rules And Regulations

The rule here is to make sure that you know the different rules in your country, as well as the local rules. There exist for online stores just as they do for regular ones, so make sure you know what those are before you get into business.

Domain Name Registration.

Be warned, choosing a domain name and registering it will cost money, but it is worth it. Without a domain, after all, you are no better than those unprofessional out there. So, take the time to create the perfect domain name and register it legally

Choosing An ECommerce Platform

There are all sorts of options when you are looking at which platform to select for your eCommerce options. Make sure that you do your research and weigh your options so that you can know which option is right for you.

Website Design

Website design is critical for making sure that you make a great first impression for both new and old clients in terms of recognition. Make sure it’s top of the line and you have customers that are leaving comments on how “easy” your website is to use. We can offer help with that.

Payment Options

Before you start anything, you have to make sure that you know what you are going to accept (or not accept) for payments. Make sure you at as versatile as possible so that more clients are able to use your service.

Warehouse And Shipping Options

Know what you want to offer in terms of shipping options so that you can plan accordingly both through online options as well as physical locations for your shipping warehouses and methods. Establish this and stick to it, with room to expand later.

Shipment Tracking And Customer Service

Tracking, shipment options and customer services are all important things to learn about, so make sure that you take these all seriously and form a concise plan for how you want to use them.


Customers are not going to want to shop or order from you if they feel they are insecure in their banking information, so make sure that you are making security one of your top concerns when setting up your online store.


People can’t buy from you unless they know who you are and what you offer. Get a good quality team together to make sure that you are reading out to people that will be able to offer you steady business.

Choosing An ECommerce Platform

Choosing the right platform requires a lot of work from you. There’s no reason that you have to do it all alone, though. Consider looking into our services and don’t be afraid to do some research on your own for hosting your own shop and service. We will work with you hand in hand to choose the perfect platform, no matter what you are looking to set up for yourself. From setting up your store, all the way to launch, I take care of everything.

How PTI WebTech Can Help You

PTI WebTech is going to be able to help you make sense of everything you’ve just read and make sure that you are getting into a deal that is right for you. No one wants to see you crash and fail, so allow us to help you through all of the hurdles so that you make a great impact from the get-go.We guarantee you that your project will be completed using the best technological tools and the highest level of test and quality management skills.

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