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What Is WordPress?

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is basically an online platform where the code is written in PHP and in common language, it is the most powerful and easiest website CMS in existence today. If you have been using WordPress to publish on the web, you are doing just the right thing. Most of the famous blogs, celebrities, and news outlets use WordPress for their websites.

A few famous examples are TechCrunch, Mashable, CNN and many others use WordPress. From blogs, news portals, Business, Photography, Membership, e-commerce, Music and many more, you will really get impressed by what word-press can do. WordPress is known to have one of the most versatile CMS. Nearly 75% of the websites on the internet have been designed by WordPress taking from the simplest sites to the most complex websites.

How does WordPress work?

The developers can create their own database and upload them to db.php that is placed inside a WP-content folder. Also, there are many plugins that improve the performance of the database.

Now, what is the cost of using WordPress?

WordPress is absolutely free to use. The main cost comes while you host and buy the domain name and the web-hosting. There are a lot of websites-hosting providers. Yes, believe us, WordPress is 100%free.

The next question that arises is how will you get started?

For self-hosted installations, it can be downloaded from WordPress.org
For a hosted service you can use wordpress.com

What is the different competition to the WordPress?

The three most used platforms for website creations are Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. Most of the times we have seen it is topped by WordPress. There are various add-ons and plugins that are used for specialized functions all that suits the need of individual users.

What makes WordPress better than both if you don’t need to have technical skills to operate it or even you don’t need to be familiar with HTML or PHP. In WordPress, beginners can freely and easily use it without any prior knowledge about coding or programming.

Now let’s go into the benefits if you use WordPress for your website.

Plethora theme options

Don’t like a theme, no issue you will be spoilt with the variety of choices. all thanks to the ever-expanding directory of themes. Most of them can be purchased through the theme directory in the WordPress. Many others can be bought from third-party designers or can be modified by any freelance designer. The best part being that you can preview the website when you install and try out new themes.

Flexible for your Changing Needs

Originally it was created for supporting blogging and news-based websites and other related online purchases. Then later it was developed for complex sites. You can manage everything starting from a small business to huge MNCs on WordPress. It contains every feature that you can host social network, group, showcase a portfolio, podcast or anything that a company requires. This complete package has everything that you require to complete your company’s requirement.

User-friendly for Beginners

WordPress sites are easy to install, maintain. Set-up and run. Also, the admin dashboard has all the functions from where you can control the color, text, header, footer everything.

Use Plugins that Extend Functionality

For creating a website, you will be needing a lot of things, starting from logo to image optimizer. WordPress lets third parties develop plugins like contact forms, shopping carts, SEO optimizer, and many others. These plugins can be activated and deactivated according to the need of your websites.

Searchability gets enhanced

WordPress helps the site to get indexed easily, WordPress based websites get ranked high for their keywords. There are a lot of tools that WordPress offers for optimizing the SEO, and as they are continuously getting evolved and updated.

Offers a good user interface in mobile

In google rankings, user-friendliness is an important factor to rank. The website should look good in all devices. The responsive is also increased and can make adjustments to the theme file according to the needs.

WordPress offers Built-In Blog System

This is an amazing content management system that makes the publishing of content easier. Also, adding updates are easier as updates can be added easily. Blogs can be added easily, also the categories can be added easily.

WordPress Support

It is a free and an open source and is supported by a strong community. They keep WordPress secure and updated. Also, many times you have must have seen many hosting of WordPress camps that support local WordPress users.

Let’s go into who made this platform

It was initiated in the year 2003, initiated after b2/café log. This is promoted by a community of contributors. But originally, it was a collaboration between Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. And today WordPress has pushed forward to become a huge community today. And here we have WordPress that creates any kind of website.

Let’s know the key-notes of why WordPress is preferred?

  • Extensible as you can always modify the looks and develop themes
  • Open source and free
  • Various plugins and themes to develop your content
  • Very easy to install
  • Flexibility is the key

Do you know Who Uses WordPress?

Individuals, businessmen and bloggers everyone uses WordPress. White House and Microsoft also use WordPress.

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