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What Is Drupal? A Comprehensive Guide To Knowing Everything About CMS

What Is Drupal? A Comprehensive Guide To Knowing Everything About CMS

All of you must have heard about Drupal, now the question arises what exactly is it. Drupal is basically a free and open-source CMS (content management system). It has a very large and supportive community. Drupal has a very supportive community and is used by many website owners and websites across the globe to maintain their websites. Many of even might be using Drupal without knowing it. Some of the top organizations using Drupal are Twitter, The Economist, Harvard, Red Cross, and the Government of Australia.

The Drupal slogan says “come for the code, stay for the community” you can download the software for free and do whatever you like. There are many people who want to improve the code and help each other. You must know everything that Drupal has to offer. As this is free to download, it empowers users to create content and publish them easily. As it provides security, flexibility and reliability, technological professionals prefer using this. Being tech-friendly Drupal is preferred by many professionals.

What are the features and benefits of Drupal? Let’s get the brief about it

Security and protection against vulnerability

Drupal is known to have a secure CMS. It works in such a strong application framework that it can prevent it from the biggest vulnerabilities. Many leading companies, brands, and leaders rely on Drupal for testing the security and checking the critical sites and applications. And not only that they have a dedicated team to look after the security and to respond to the issues occurring as rapidly as possible. Drupal having a strong coding standard makes it stand out among the rest.

Handles large traffic easily

It doesn’t matter if you have the hugest traffic on your website. Drupal has got you covered. It can keep your site available in all kinds of traffic. Even if it gets hit by a lot of traffic or goes down. Drupal is Highly Scalable CMS.

Digital Applications can be integrated

There are amazing tools that you can use with your Drupal, as it has a very wide eco-system. You can make your content more interactive and powerful. Drupal is based on API- first focus, means that it builds very strong connectivity.

Content Architecture is flexible

Creating the right content is difficult sometimes. The display gets affected or the media get distorted, thus creating a user-friendly interface is important. Drupal takes care of these things so that the content can be accessed through multiple devices.


There are many built-in languages so that everyone can use Drupal, especially those who have local needs. This saves them time and money. These days building multi-lingual sites have become easier than ever. Drupal 8 comes with 4 core modules that allow full site translation. This ensures that your website can be accessed by any part of the globe. Language-based displays give weight to your website.

Stack Foundation is very strong

LAMP tech. The stack is used by Drupal, which is very modern. This is developed according to the gen-next digital platforms. This meets the demands of PHP, Apache, and MySQL

Multisite support

If your organization handles many websites, you have a lot of brands to promote you will be needing a platform that allows quick functioning and easy-site creation.

Content Authoring becomes easier

Content for your website and the workflow becomes quite easier for the writers. You can leave the work to them and sit back and watch. Permissions and Authentication are already doing that, allow good workflow. The best part is you can always see how the content looks before you publish it and then it can get approved. You just have to sit back and relax and see everything getting done, making Drupal work efficiently.

Let us look at all the benefits as a short glance:

  • Brand consistency can be ensured
  • Creating and updating content on the site gets easier
  • The site becomes fully responsive and has an excellent user-interface
  • Using the right tools here you can get the best

Due to all the above features, Drupal is considered to be the best platform for a CMS, among the NGOs, business websites, digital marketers, education institutions etc.

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