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Top-Notch Jquery Plugins For Easy And Clean Programming.

Top-Notch Jquery Plugins For Easy And Clean Programming.

In the life cycle of programming, there are a lot of functionality which create by the programmer in multi time and every time I create or redevelop a functionality. I think it needs some more improvement or it’s not a top notch. After some research, I find out some awesome plugins of jquery which make the programmer’s life easy and boost their functionality top of the town. Following are some jquery plugins that I personally recommend –

1. Jquery Validation Plugin

On submit a form forget the tension to validate your form fields on the backend. Jquery Validation Plugin providing the feature to validate your form field before submit. you can valid the form data according to require fields, data type, character limit etc. it’s also proving the facility to validate URLs, email, image, confirmation of password and much more.

download from here.
check out the Documentaion.

2.jQuery File Upload

Upload and validate image, audio or video or any other file, its validate the file according to size, type etc. Also provide the preview feature for image, video, and audio, proving many customize callback function for multiple web server programming support like PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java.

download from here.
check out the Documentaion.

3. Cropper.js

JavaScript image cropper is proving a feature to crop your image just google and Instagram, it’s also proving the facility to edit the image in different terms like rotate, change contrast, brightness, height, width, scale. It’s also proving a server side callback support for PHP technology and many customize and callback parameters.

Download from here.
Check out the Documentaion.

4. full calendar

A javascript event calendar with top-notch functionality to manage the event, holiday and meeting schedules.you can create an event, manage an event also drag an event to a different time, day or month with its customize support and callback functions.

Download from here. Check out the Documentaion.

5. Select2

Accelerator your dropdown box with the select2 it’s proving the feature to tag, search, set the data, scrolling, multi-select and many other useful options. it’s also providing a remote data set feature with call back functions.

Download from here. Check out the Example.

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