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Top Five Ruby On Rails Hosting Providers For Your Application

Top Five Ruby On Rails Hosting Providers For Your Application

How to select the best among the Ruby on Rails hosting providers?

Finding the perfect hosting service is like finding a needle out of a haystack, you just have to identify what you have to focus on and what are you exactly looking for. In this sea of hosting providers, you will just have to sort out and choose the best hosting for Ruby on Rails. There are a lot of factors that and limitations that have to be considered like bandwidth, data storage, CPU etc. There are many flaws in a few hosting websites but they lure customers with a very cheap price. These are potentially harmful to the long run. The trajectory of the app’s growth depends on Ruby on Rails hosting providers. We have compared a few Ruby on Rails hosting providers, see what suits you the best.

How to select the best Ruby on Rails Hosting Providers for Your application?

Every startup plans to impart something unique and special to attract customers, so depending on the project you should select the most appropriate Ruby on Rails hosting provider. Resources that you require.

  • Technology that meets the app requirements
  • Hosting supports the latest ruby on rails version of the framework
  • Data security is provided, the data recovery system is included
  • 24/7 technical support, in every language
  • 128-bit data encryption is a minimum need

These are the set of basic requirements that are essential for you to select the best ruby on rails hosting. Also, here is a brief description of all the Ruby on Rails hosting providers. Here are the top five Ruby on Rails Hosting Providers for Your application.

1. Digital Ocean (DO)

Digital Ocean, Many famous companies use this VPN, famous for its robust server infrastructure, makes it stand out. One of the most unique features about this hosting provider is the one has to pay only for the actual usage. It gives you a 24/7/365 technical support, being a great customer support, it is used by many. User-friendly dashboard, and easy to set up within 1 minute. It is a perfect choice if you are on a strict budget. The price is $5 per month. The cons of using this hosting are mainly, no Windows VPS support and the DNS queries not being free. One might select this if,

  • You don’t need paid support
  • Downloads the data often
  • You are on a strict budget.

2. Linode

Being simple, powerful provides a reliable hosting solution. It is one of the most preferred after DO. The best part is it comes with a one-week free trial period, and if you don’t like the service, you can absolutely get a refund back. With a Consistent uptime delivery, it stands in the second number. One should prefer Linode if you plan to move the app’s infrastructure to VPS. This is a very powerful hosting solution within a good budget, coming with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. The negative factors being, unreliable billing and though there are a lot of data tech centers, the tech support is unreliable. Also, it comes with an hourly billing scheme that builds up the confusion. You should go for Linode if,

  • You are looking for good performance
  • Stable networking

3. Rackspace

Being one of the oldest names in the field of web hosting, it is very reliable, well reputed and has 20 years of experience. The best part of Rackspace is customer support. Also, it comes with two options managed infrastructure with, security and architecture assistance. Next is managed operations, where they help you in infrastructure monitoring and app maintenance.  Rackspace also comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Being very customer friendly, it has data centers across Europe, Asia, Australia, and the US, that are world class. One of the cons being the customization options are very less and price models are misleading. Go for Rackspace if,

  • You need good customer support
  • Looking for a reputed and 1 tier hosting provider
  • You seek infinite scalability

4. Heroku

Heroku, Ranks fourth in our list was initially supported only one language, Ruby on Rails. The process of hosting is very easy and barely need s five minutes. The best part is that it comes with App health monitoring and with Gitlab integration. It has abundant of add-on services from which you can select any but none of them being free. The main advantages are that it has a great debugging and a very user-friendly interface. Comes with simple horizontal and vertical scaling. Almost all the Ruby on Rails hosting providers gives 24*7* 365 customer support and this is no exception.  Heroku is the best when,

  • Budget is not an option as it comes expensive.
  • You are going for a startup.

5. AWS

This is very easy to use Ruby on Rails hosting providers. And AWS needs no introduction. This is absolutely easy to use and all you have to do is upload your code and wait till the supporting activities take place, like loading, auto-scaling, and at the last step, the health of the app is monitored. The pros of using this are it provides many free tools; many customizations are available. The cons are that there are a lot of options and packages available that are confusing.  Also, it has a very weak app performance detection and bugs monitoring.  Prefer AWS only if

  • You need a lot of services
  • Your app is open to use Amazon Web Services

Bottom line, there will be many Ruby on Rails hosting providers as your demands will be varying. Depending on your server, traffic amount, bandwidth needs you will have to select the best one for you. Pay attention to the features and it is essential to create the best environment for your app to run for a long time.

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