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How To Create Ruby On Rails App From Scratch?

How To Create Ruby On Rails App From Scratch?

It is a very tedious task for new developers to create ROR application, mostly if you don’t have a master to guide everything. Here, I want to minimize your effort to start ROR app.

Before going to moving forward, You should understand about the ROR. I mean, What is Ruby on Rails ( ROR )

Here it is in brief: ROR (Ruby on Rails) is the FrameWork written in Ruby programming language. This is the MVC (Model, MVC, View, Controller) Based frameworks. Here everything is managed MVC, so it’s very easy to extend its functionality by adding new MVC structure in existing Structure. Here another thing is why ROR is the first choice in developed countries like UK, USA, China etc.

Find the following reasons;


Ruby on Rails is strongly secured with its built-in features Like CSRF token tp protect spamming, Sessions Management, CookieStore Policies, Session Fixation, Session Expiry, Redirection and Files, Brute-Forc Blocking, Good Passwords management, self-manages to block for SQL Injections with active records etc.

Easy to use

Due to its structure, its a very easy task to extend feature of ROR app or creating a new app. ROR has severals built in commands that save our lot time is seconds like SCAFFOLDS, GENERATE etc.

Robust Coding

Its MVC structure and coding strategy make it universal acceptable coding. Because it has several built-in functions in each model’s Controllers when we create SCAFFOLD. All default can be easily extended.

Now here it’s the easy procedure to Install ROR in ubuntu just in three steps

1. Install Ruby language.

To install Ruby language use the following command:

sudo apt-get install ruby-full

This command will install the latest version of ruby

2. Install Bundler

To Install bundler use the following command

gem install bundler

This command will install the latest version of bundler

3. Install Rails

To Install Rails use the following command

gem install rails version example: gem install rails 5.0

Now create the ROR first app with the following command:

Rails new app_new Example: rails new testapp

Above command will create the new application with named testapp.

Go to your app with command cd testapp

and use the following command to install bundles

bundle install

Now start the app, you just have created.

Rails start

This command will start the application on default port 3000
so go to the browser and write


This will show the rails default page.
Congratulations, You have successfully created the new rails app.
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