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How To Choose The Right Language For Your Startup? Ruby On Rails Vs PHP Framework An Overview.

How To Choose The Right Language For Your Startup? Ruby On Rails Vs PHP Framework An Overview.

Setting up a startup alone is a very hectic job. If you want to succeed then you will be needing the right tools and implement those to get the best result. We have seen better ideas getting wasted because of the poor choice of web app development. So, while it is essential you choose an app, you have to focus on the base language first. Here we will be talking about the pros and cons of PHP which is very popular and Ruby on Rails framework that is a super bold underdog.

Now let’s know the basis of the two, PHP and Ruby on Rails are both open-source scripting languages, both were derived from the C language, developed in the early 1990’s. Though both are very different they have a lot of common like, they have an extensive standard library. Both of these use string interpolations and have classes with access control like, private, public, and protected. The format followed in syntax is a string. Both are known to support multi-dimensional arrays. Garbage collection is available to both of them. These Are suitable for rapid prototyping. The difference between the two aren’t major just that, PHP uses a semicolon and in ruby, one can just use the next line for termination.


We credit Rasmus Lerdorf for creating this app. This language powers more than 80% of websites available on the internet. Drupal, WhatsApp, Viber, and WordPress are built on this. The diversity that PHP allows is impressive and worth mention.


Yukihiro Matsumoto created an object-oriented language called ruby. This enhances productivity is elegant, expressive and designers get a clear idea of a syntax, that drives any confusion. We prefer Ruby in terms of usability. Ruby on Rails was released in the year 2005. Kickstarter, Airbnb, Shopify is built on Ruby. But still, in terms of being famous, it lags behind PHP. Laravel is a famous framework that Ruby offers.

How to select the best suitable language for your app?

Now let’s go into a detailed discussion of the pros and cons on how to select the best suitable language for your app. Here we will be discussing the framework, Performance, Security, Demand for developers, demand in the market, and ease of using the software.


In PHP Vs Ruby on Rails, hands down in terms of popularity, Ruby on Rails wins according to many popular websites, but the actual, you cannot compare onion with eggs, both being edible but both have separate importance. Rather, compare Laravel vs. Rails to make more sense.


This is a very important point of comparison, if you want for codes to be smaller in lines, Ruby is the best. But on the other hand, PHP has a lower average runtime. So, even here we don’t have a clear winner.


Ruby, as we say, is an underdog, it has more robust tools against vulnerabilities rather than PHP. Hence, PHP being less secure than ruby, we clearly have a winner.

Demand for developers

PHP is more popular and easier to learn are opted by many developers. In most parts of the globe, you will find developers in PHP rather than ruby. So, coders knowing ruby are higher in demand. The largest communities of engineers know PHP.

Ease of Learning

In terms of being easier to learn, we know it has to be PHP. As PHP requires less effort to master. Ruby on Rails, on the other hand, is difficult to learn. But if you want to go for high-quality code, go for ruby.

Now coming to the bottom line, which one should you choose?

One should never go with the crowd and understand the needs of a startup. You should thoroughly go through the need’s specific to your startups.

Firstly, we will cover, why choose PHP:

  • It is cost effective and budget friendly. Builds to the money saving factor in your startup.
  • It is easier to code.
  • Provides a lot of tools and solutions to your project.
  • Provides a variety of frameworks, like Codeigniter, Phalcon, Zend and many others
  • It has a variety of inbuilt functions.
  • Allows you to recycle your code.
  • Being a huge ecosystem, it is preferred

Now, covering on why should you choose Ruby

  • Ruby doesn’t limit to ruby on rails. There are many other frameworks like Padrino, Ruby Grape etc.
  • It is startups friendly
  • The syntax is elegant, short, crisp and easily readable, even understood by non-engineers.
  • Gems that improve software development, have been released in large numbers.

Like every coin has two sides, PHP, Ruby, have their own set of advantage and disadvantage. You will have to choose what suits your startup.

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