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Framework V/S CMS: Who Win The Race?

Framework V/S CMS: Who Win The Race?

To start a new project in web development, the first question is rise that which technology is best. Normally we have two choices to develop a project. Framework or CMS ( Content management System ). We can describe cms as just like to cook an instant noodle which was ready in two minutes and framework stand as cook a traditional food.

We can select technology platform based on the requirement. If you are looking to build enterprise level solution who fully flexible then the framework will best. Like CRM, ERP, and any custom web based application.

CMS is the best who looking cost effective and quick solution. It’s most suitable for small to mid-level business.

Popular PHP Framework –

* Codeigniter
* Laravel
* Symfony
* Yii 2
* Phalcon
* Cakephp
* Zend Framework
* Slim

Benefits of PHP Framework –

* Used when the customer requires needing not fulfil with CMS.
* Used for custom applications and huge application.
* Used for better service, weigh security and weight application.
* Follow the MVC (Model View Controller) architectural Pattern

Popular PHP CMS –

* WordPress
* Drupal
* Joomla
* Magento
* Shopify

Benefits of PHP CMS –

* Pre-built, complete and ready to use, generally used in typical business projects.
* It’s providing many tools to add content, maintain and organise dynamically to a website.
* Diffrent -diffrent cms available for various functionality.
* Lots of plugins and customise tools available as per requirement.

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