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Facebook Launches Portal And Portal+ Device For Video Calling Aimed Privacy Concerns

Facebook Launches Portal And Portal+ Device For Video Calling Aimed Privacy Concerns

Facebook’s mission is to connect users with their friends and families. Now it is the first time when Facebook will sell a device to do just that.

Facebook has recently launched two video calling device one is Portal and another one is Portal+. The device is centered around video chat and the features of the device like a camera, speaker, screen and microphone. Both the devices are available for pre-order booking and it is only available in the US through Amazon, Facebook, and Best Buy.

The prices that are decided for both the device portal and portal+ is $199(Rs. 14, 700 approx.) and $349(Rs. 25, 777 approx.) respectively. The display of both the devices is wide, with a soundbar below the screen and the front camera that is on the top. The display of the portal is 10.1 inch with the resolution of 1280×800 pixel and the display of portal+ is 15-inches with the resolution of 1920×1080.

The camera that is used in both the devices came with a smart feature that covers all the other moments and it is able to zoom and pan the view of the image during the call. With smart video call Facebook also provides smart sound technology that enhances the sound quality during a call. The sound system that is used is to reduce the background noise and improve the sound quality of the speakers.

In both, the device user can activate the video call according to their needs. An extra feature provides in these devices is you can join a group of maximum seven people during the video call. These devices allow the owner for connection by using Messanger in Smartphones and Tablets. The Portals can also play music and videos from partners including Spotify and Food Network and has Amazon’s Alexa assistant that provide news updates, sports score and many more. A feature called story time in which parents tell the story to children over video chat. The feature could be popular at bedtime.

If we talk about privacy policy the CEO of Facebook said that the Portal doesn’t record any video call and no encryption of your video call. It is also said that Facebook won’t trace the number of people in a room or the product they use during the video call. Now it’s up to the customers that they trust again on Facebook as enough to give it a place in their homes.

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