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Ecommerce Opportunities In India

Ecommerce Opportunities In India

For the last decade, there has been growth in ecommerce business, and hence there has been a rise in career options. Now to prove there has been growth in the Career Opportunities in eCommerce in India, know a few things as in the coming five years the e-commerce company is supposed to grow by approx. USD 100 billion. And it will be contributing around 4% to the National GDP. Flipkart is the largest e-commerce company in India and has a net worth of almost USD 11 billion. Paytm has 20 million users and has emerged as the biggest mobile wallet and ecommerce development company in India.

Why should you work in the ecommerce industry?

Today the ecommerce has emerged as the pioneer in providing in proving job opportunities. These changes in trends have made the career in-e-commerce very fast now. Let us go, through some benefits of a career in e-commerce.

The growth of both local and global aspects

  • Not only locally, but the internet market is also expected to increase globally at 17% per year. The e-commerce will grow enough to engulf the entire world. Working is e-commerce will help you to stay in demand for more than 10 years, this industry is actually very lucrative.
  • Also, the mobile market has grown up to 2 folds, it captures about 20% of the e-commerce sales. The e-commerce industry needs young and dynamic people who can regularly update themselves with skills and evolve as per the requirements of the industry.

You learn core business skills

A plethora of business opportunities will be opening in front of you and you will learn a lot of skills and in various areas like Cross-selling, Product marketing, Customer acquisition, Upselling, Pricing and profit management, and Supply chain. You will always be in a sphere of polishing your soft skills. And with time you will learn about seeing things from the customer perspective. And you will end up being a great storyteller that is much needed for the e-commerce industry.

Now, that you know why should you work for the e-commerce industry, you must know about the main sectors. The entire e-commerce sector is divided into six segments.

Education based services- udemy, coursera, byjus, etc
Deals based: CashKaro, Groupon
Classified portals (marriage or jobs) – Shaadi.com, Naukri.com etc.
Local services – PepperTap, UberEats (this sector is relatively quite new and has been expanding well)
Online Marketplace- Amazon, Flipkart, Shopperstop (growing and expanding and has taken about 56% space)
Traveling based: Oyo, MMT, Yatra (occupying around 70% of space)

Now there are various roles which you can fulfill and they have various requirements.

Like, Auxiliary that covers areas like, HR, legal, supply chain and financial. The next is operations like supply chain, logistics, and others. The most important is the creative part that decides the branding, marketing, and customer experience.

An important skill sets that you need to have a job in the e-commerce industry:
Corporate culture: commitment to your work, getting along with co-workers and your ability to fit into the strong corporate culture is important.

Ability to build relationships: link building is an important factor for e-commerce with the retail operations and marketing.

Build a strong strategy: you should able to plan something for a long-term benefit and grow according to the needs of the business.

What are some of the best job opportunities that the e-commerce?

UI/UX Developer

There is much competition in this field and most people work as a freelancer. Associated jobs include User Research, User Interface, and Information Architecture. As there is a global need for this, there are high chances that you will be getting a good number of gigs. And experienced UI/UX Developer can earn somewhat between Rs 689,519 to Rs 700,000 per year.

Content Management

As we all know” Content Is the King “. Content is one important aspect of an e-commerce website. The most important components of a website are the words and the looks. You need a well-experienced blogger for the content on your website. Editing, content management, and creative writing have a huge scope here. The average pay of a content writer is somewhat Rs 200,000 per year.

Interactive Designer

Your website must be very customer friendly, that attracts a lot of traffic. The design, theme, the technology used must be updated to achieve the specified goal. It generates a salary of around Rs 600,048 per year. Most people take this us as a part-time job and not as a full-time career.

Search Engine Optimization

Every website needs SEO specialists who bring a website to the limelight. If your page ranks on the first page of Google, congratulations, your purpose has been resolved. An SEO expert earns about Rs 178,958 per year. This job requires a lot of skills like Social Media Optimization and Google Analytics. You can expect a raise if you have more than 5 years of experience. The SEO is of very demand in the industry.

Social Media Marketing

If you are a startup or a very well-established company, that doesn’t matter. You must have a very well-established team of Social Media Marketing experts. And this isn’t limited to just, Facebook, Tweet or Instagram. If you can handle social media like a boss, this job is the right one for you.

Logistics Management

This deals with the physical distribution of the business. And is co-related with the e-commerce business. The network of your business grows through this channel.

Digital Marketing

E-commerce business is ever growing. A digital Marketing is all you need to know for your e-commerce to grow. The average pay of a digital marketer is around Rs 441,829 per year. Also, you can freelance for a website if you want to become a digital marketer at an initial stage. This is one of the highest paying jobs in the online world.

E-commerce Merchandising

This is a very growing sector and has a lot of scopes. The field of work is lucrative and all you need to know is the skills of sales and promotion. Merchandising has helped a lot of small and initial level startups to grow. You have to keep yourself updated with the changing rules and never stop learning new things.

This was somewhat an overview of the E-commerce Opportunities in India, why should you work, Important skill sets that are required for the job and what are the scopes with their expected salaries.

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