Technologies Solutions

PTI WebTech is a global provider of Enterprise IT solutions catering to various technologies to help businesses transform their processes and fast tract their way to success.

Database Technologies

We are one of the leading database development services offering our clients with cutting edge database solutions. We provide database consulting services, database monitoring and management, performance tuning services. We provide customized database solutions for applications, websites and mobile apps. With the use of latest database tools and technologies we help small and medium businesses to streamline huge volume data to fit into their application infrastructure. Our team is specialized in various database technologies including Oracle, MySQL, SQL Lite, MongoDB, Firebase, Redis, PostgreSQL and many more.

  • PTI WebTech firebase_icon-1FIREBASE
  • PTI WebTech mongo_db-1MONGO DB
  • PTI WebTech mysql_iconMYSQL
  • PTI WebTech oracle_iconORACLE
  • PTI WebTech postgreal_iconPOSTGRESQL
  • PTI WebTech redis_iconREDIS
  • PTI WebTech sqlite_iconSQL LITE
  • PTI WebTech angular_js_iconANGULAR JS
  • PTI WebTech bootstrap_iconBOOTSTRAP
  • PTI WebTech nodejs_iconNODEJS
  • PTI WebTech react_iconREACT JS

Javascript & Frameworks

JavaScript frameworks are fast becoming a major tool and works hand in hand with web development. There are many JavaScript Frameworks available in the market and our team at PTI WebTech is proficient in most of the major frameworks including React, Angular, NodeJS, BootStrap, Knockout, Meteor, NextJS and many more. We have successfully developed more than 400+ websites using most of the above mentioned frameworks. These JavaScript frameworks helps in providing your websites with a attractive interface, intuitive features and also allowing you to modify the pages in real time.

Designing Tools & Technologies

Whenever you think of any major website, the first thing that strike your mind is their logo, colors used in the website along with the design used etc. Hence, it is extremely important that you provide your website with a design that is eye-catching and appealing to your users. At PTI WebTech, we are equipped with some of the brilliant minds in the field of designing capable of producing some of the stunning designs that you will ever see. Our team of skilled designers can certainly turn your ultimate dream into an absolute reality. Our designers go to a great length in understanding the target audience of the business and provide a design that caters to your business needs.

  • PTI WebTech adobe_ai_iconADOBE
  • PTI WebTech adobe_photoshop_iconADOBE
  • PTI WebTech IndesignINDESIGN
  • PTI WebTech sketch_iconSKETCH APP
  • PTI WebTech AndroidANDROID
  • PTI WebTech html5_iconHTML 5
  • PTI WebTech ionic_iconIONIC
  • PTI WebTech ios_iconIOS
  • PTI WebTech react_icon-1REACT NATIVE

Mobility Technologies

PTI WebTech is one of the top rate mobile app development company having created a large number of powerful and high-performance mobile apps for many clients. We specialize in creating apps across all major platforms including iOS, Android and cross platforms. We employ agile development methodology and utilize the latest tools and technology to develop your mobile application.

Web Development Technologies

A proper web development plan includes the 4D’s Discover, Design, Develop and Drive the website for success. The “Discover” phase is the initial phase where meetings are conducted with the clients to understand their requirements and also discuss the vision and mission of the project along with the technology aspects as well.The Design phase is the second phase where the scope of the project is outlined and prepare a “Scope of Work” (SOW) to carefully detail out all the requirements including user needs, budget, marketing goals etc.Once all the design is approved and finalized, the next stage is the development where the design is transformed into the form of coding.The final stage is to drive the project and see if the goals are achieved. Our web development engineers are proficient in various development frameworks including Ruby on Rails, CakePHP, CodeIgniter and Laravel etc.

  • PTI WebTech ror_iconRUBY ON RAILS
  • PTI WebTech larvel_iconLARAVEL
  • PTI WebTech cackphp_iconCAKE PHP
  • PTI WebTech codeigniterCODEIGNITER
  • PTI WebTech wordpress_iconWORDPRESS
  • PTI WebTech drupal_iconDRUPAL
  • PTI WebTech cms-1CMS

Content Management System

PTI WebTech is the leading CMS Solutions Company offering various services including Drupal development, WordPress development, Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento and more. Developing a website and updating with the latest content every now and then can be a difficult task for people who don’t have an in-house development team. But with the advent of Content Management systems, you don’t need to look for the help of an IT person as every update can be done by yourself. And that is the reason CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Shopify have become so popular. A Content management system is a web based service that helps you to add/update/delete content from your website easily.

Ecommerce Solutions

When it comes to e-commerce website development solutions, PTI WebTech is the leading company offering solutions for PHP, Magento, Drupal, Shopify, Ruby on Rails, WooCommerce, SpreeCommerce, Big Commerce and many more. Our skilled team of ecommerce specialists are highly experienced in developing 200+ ecommerce websites for various clients in India and abroad. Our unique approach to design and development will ensure the overall success of your business and increase your sales and revenue to a great extent. All our e-commerce websites are fully optimized for smartphones, tablets and desktop. When it comes to online shopping, security is the most important feature and we provide a safe and secure shopping cart experience to the customers.

  • PTI WebTech magento_iconMAGENTO
  • PTI WebTech shopify_iconSHOPIFY
  • PTI WebTech woo-commerceWOOCOMMERCE
  • PTI WebTech big-commerceBIGCOMMERCE
  • PTI WebTech amazon_aws_logoAMAZON AWS
  • PTI WebTech google_cloud_logoGOOGLE CLOUD
  • PTI WebTech microsoft_azure_logoMICROSOFT AZURE
  • PTI WebTech heroku_logoHEROKU

Cloud Solutions

From small to medium enterprises, we help businesses develop their Salesforce CRM system. We are and end-to-end experts in Salesforce development and customization. Business don’t function the same way 10-15 years back. There has been a lot of advancements and technologies have come to the fore. Cloud computing is one of the major changes that many businesses look forward to take their business to the next level. PTI WebTech is a leading salesforce development company India providing customized salesforce development strategies and solutions.