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Ecommerce Solution with Shopify Hosted Platform

In today's world, it is very compulsory to grow your business by adopting some smart methods like the setup of the online store. Despite a tanking economy, the business will survive with this smart move which holds the sales in the future. There arises a question that which is the best CMS for the development of this eCommerce store so that any non-technical users who are technically savvy can maintain...
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Aspects of SDLC with its phases and models.

What you think the SDLC is terms of technology. Numerous article defines its benefits and types and following the same I am redefining it with my own terms so that you can easily understand it. If you are planning to start the software projects, then it is very compulsory to understand its concept to avoid any hassle. There are five phases of SDLC and we need to follow each phase...
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