iPhone Training

iPhone TrainingTraining in a specific area is definitely a good idea, whether you are looking for information on a specific mobile application program, or as an additive to a previous educational experience through PTI WebTech before. You will get an educational experience that is worth envying by looking at what this iOS option can give you in the real world as well as in mobile application experience. Just by this focus alone, you’ll certainly have an education worth fighting for. So, take a look at all of the details.

No matter where you start, you will come out with a great experience. The syllabus for this class is informative and full of everything that you need to know for a well rounded education that is all based around the leading technology that has all teens in a exciting buzz. While many feel at the iPhone and all of the matching technologies are on its way out, this innovative and exciting class will help you understand that any kind of mobile application education is a good idea for serving the generations in the future.

The thing is, you don’t have to Focus on simply iOS devices, you can instead he’s the education you gain in this class to help you move into new and unthought of production in the future. After all, the world of iOS was created with a single idea. So, who’s to say that you won’t think up the next excellent idea that makes you the corporation on top of the world?

No matter where you go though so use The iPhone are always going to use the iPhone. Just like there still people the use the old Nokia phones that don’t really work as well anymore. The demand is out there, and this class will help you understand how to meet it, even if it is not in the original way that you intended. Education will help you adapt, learn, and improve your skills and mobile technology and mobile applications in the future, be it near or far.

So, have fun learning about all of the basics of the iPhone application development at all of its mobile application uses. You will learn more than you thought possible, and it will give you an edge in the competition, and whether you choose to share the information with your peer or not, you will be much better prepared for the dog eat dog technological world around you is your call.

Syllabus: iPhone Training Course

  • Introduction to Apple iPhone
  • What is iPhone SDK(Software Development Kit)
  • Basic Information about Programming languages
  • Beginning with Objective C
  • Cocoa Touch framework in iPhone
  • Getting Started with iPhone Tools
  • Memory Management
  • Directory Structure in iPhone
  • File Structure in iPhone
  • Debugging and Troubleshooting in iPhone
  • List Of X-code ShortCuts
  • Working with InterFace Builder
  • iPhone Programming Fundamental
  • Getting started with simple iPhone applications
  • How to store data in iPhone