Android, iPhone, PHP and Ruby Training

training and certificationWe’re offering certification and training for BCA, MCA, B.Tech students who are recent graduates or looking for Internship / summer session class to take that will give them a leg up in the year to come. Perfect for those who are looking to get some real life experience in designing for PHP, Ruby on Rails, iPhone, and Android technologies.

How We Can Help You?

Work on live projects

You will be working on live projects, a much-loved option that is going to make you feel as though what you’re doing is really going to make a difference in someone’s life. After all, here at PTI WebTech, we believe that you learn by doing hands on projects that will help those in the business get to see your work as well.

You help us by aiding in real projects for clients, and we help you by giving you a valuable learning experience along with all of the official credentials that go with creating a functioning and professional mobile application. It’s a win situation and well recommended for students. Take a look at the options offered through PTI WebTech, you’ll love the specifications for your own interests and educational purposes.

  • Training @ iPhone App

    Well loved by those who are truly looking to keep their area mainstream, this course is centered on everything necessary for iPhone and their apps. A great focus option. View Deatils

  • Training @ Android App

    A popular option for those who are looking to stay in the know as the times progress, this is a great option to make it their priority in technology and life. View Deatils

  • Android App Development

    Training @ PHP

    PHP is an easy-to-understand scripting language emerging as a suitable platform for developing dynamic websites & designed to fill gap between high end industry demands and cost-effective solutions. PHP Training is available with all of the pros that go along with it for those who are interested in the topic. View Deatils

  • iPhone App Development

    Training @ Ruby on Rails

    Lastly, another option that will give those looking to learn a great time and also gift students with plenty of information on the different platforms that are out there for enjoyment and use of all users out there. Recommended for those who want to step up their game in technology. View Deatils