Technology Migration

PTI WebTech is one of the leading companies offering the best-in-class migration services. We provide migration services for various content management systems.

WordPress to Drupal Migration

Are you looking to move your website from WordPress to Drupal? And if you think it is a complex process and will lose data in process. No need to worry as our migration specialists at PTI WebTech will take care of all your WordPress to Drupal migration service. All your existing data including your posts, categories, images, videos, comments will be migrated without any issues. You never need to worry about data loss or downtime issues. Your users will never feel any hint of work being done in the background as wordpress to Drupal migration will be seamless.

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PTI WebTech wp_to_drupal
PTI WebTech drupal_to_wp

Drupal to WordPress Migration

It’s time to move on from Drupal to the most popular CMS WordPress. Then you’ve made the right choice for choosing PTI WebTech for your Drupal to wordpress migration service. Even though there are many Drupal to wordpress migration plugin available in the market, it doesn’t provide complete or customized migration. At PTI WebTech, we provide you with a hassle-free migration service that will convert all your pages, images, videos, users, products and everything into a completely new WordPress website.

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Magento to Shopify Migration

At PTI WebTech, we are always committed in providing the best in class Magento to Shopify migration services. Our migration process takes care completely of your business operations along with data security as well. We are a recognised magento 2 to shopify migration service providers and can safely migrate all your data from magento CMS to shopify servers. Our migration process is a comprehensive process that involves transferring all your shopping cart data, products, categories, users, images, videos, database, plugins and everything into Shopify.

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PTI WebTech magento_shopify
PTI WebTech shopify_magento

Shopify to Magento Migration

Even though both platforms Magento and Shopify are excellent ecommerce platforms to build your store and grow your business online, there is always a debate about which is the best. Each CMS have their own pros and cons, but one of the biggest advantages of Magento is that it is open Source. Hence, a lot of businesses look forward in building their store on this platform as it reduce their costs to a certain extent.

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PHP to Ruby on Rails Migration

PHP is one of the most popularly used platform for web applications. But if you are looking for a safer and secured platform, then you can definitely go for Ruby on Rails (RoR). In case you are wondering, whether converting your website developed using PHP into Ruby on Rails is a tedious task, then no need to worry. At PTI WebTech, we have the experts who can take care of the PHP to Ruby on Rails migration service and will help you convert all your data including images, videos, posts, categories, comments, users and everything easily.

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PTI WebTech php_to_ror
PTI WebTech ror_to_php

Ruby on Rails to PHP Migration

Looking to convert your Ruby on Rails website into PHP? And searching for the best migration specialists? Then you’ve come to the right place. At PTI WebTech, we help you migrate your Ruby on Rails website completely over to PHP without ant downtime or loss of any data. PHP is a scripting language that is much easier to learn than Ruby on Rails. Editing code written in PHP is pretty much simple when compared to code in RoR.

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Woocommerce to Shopify Migration

WooCommerce and Shopify are two excellent eCommerce platforms and is being used by many businesses for running their online stores. Even though Shopify is not available for free, it offers a lot of benefits including uptime, security along with robust support.

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PTI WebTech woo_to_shopify