Google Shut Down Google+ After Failing to Disclose User Data Leak


Now Google has confirmed that it is close to the Google+ service permanently, it was launched 7 years ago concurrent to Facebook, but it is failing to make an impact on people as compared to Facebook. If you think that it is a big news then you are wrong. The biggest news is that Google hid the data leaks. According to the journal report of Wall Street, the bug of data leaks is patched in March 2018, but Google said that the bug is identified as the start of the launch of Google+. That means the bug is always with our Google+, Social Networking site since last seven years. After the fiasco of Facebook data and now the Google+, we rethink about the blind trust of all social networking sites and the services like Gmail over the years. After the fiasco of Facebook data and now the Google+, we rethink about the blind trust of all social networking sites and the services like Gmail over the years. Now it is confirmed that the companies make the hash of our data. It is now the time for us to take control of the data that we put on different social networking sites and use the services. Plans d’entraînement de musculation LOVETOKNOW turinabol achat photo sur fitness femme faisant de l’exercice pour les biceps sur fond gris séance d’entraînement de femme musclée avec des haltères image de forme, gris. Google puts a blog on it and said that it doesn’t know which accounts are getting affected with this.

Why Google+ data leaked: Reason

The big thing that we talk, is Google+ is shutting down, but it only closed for the consumers only, means the consumer version of Google Plus is closed but the enterprise version of Google Plus is open. It is also possible that your data which you suppose that is between you and your friend circle is also getting access by some app developer. While Google emphasizes that 90 percent of Google Plus users have less than a five-second session. The problem is that every person who has Gmail already G+ account, but they don’t know about it.

There are different app also on Google playstore and when you install them on your mobile they need permission to access our contact detail, gallery, messages and much more. If we talk about a torch application why it needs permission to access our contact detail. These type applications also disclose our data privacy. There is a need to take care of that by the users.

What Google Take Step Against This:

The Google finally decides to stop the permission for the app from getting a call log and SMS permissions on Android devices. It will also stop the “contact interaction”, which was available in the Android contacts API. Google play now takes the step to stop the limiting which app is allowed to get this permission in future.

Google Plus said: What I do for security:

Google said that the data which is used by the Google is only username, age, gender, and occupation. Other data like phone number, G suit, Google account data, messages are saved and no leaked of these type data in Google Plus. Estimates from the company claim up to 500, 000 user Google accounts get affected. Google claims that there is a lot of social networking site of it and to maintain all of them in real time is not possible. Google Plus is often less used social network so they decided to close that.

An important notice for everyone who reads this blog is that after deleting your G+ account will not affect the status of your Google Account. Your Gmail, Google Docs, Drive will remain untouched.

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