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PTI WebTech Team About Us

About Us

PTI WebTech [ Prerna Trimurty Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ] is the best web design and development company in India. It has been delivering the high quality and efficient web solutions to the clients across the country. We have worthy experience and have 1000+ satisfied clients and accomplished projects. We have been delivering a wide range of web solutions including Web design, Ecommerce development, and Mobile app development services to the clients of worldwide including US, Canada, Europe, Australia etc. We have expert team that work on different platforms such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, Shopify, Magento, WordPress, Drupal, iOS and Android app development platforms.

PTI WebTech About Us

Our Story

PTI WebTech Team About Us

Back in early 2009, two guys started a business with aim of providing IT services thats make peoples’s business easy. Initially started with server & securities managent but as per industries demands we added numbers services, specially building web & mobile applications. Nothing was simple as expected but we accepted all challenges across industries. Now we are serving clients around the globe and growing togather with our client.

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Well, We’re located in Jaipur #ThePinkCity India but our clients are from all around the world. Mainly in USA, Australia, India and some are from Europe. English is a second native language at PTI Webtech company, it gives comfortablity to work with overseas clients 🙂

In terms of technical skills, PHP & Ruby on Rails being our core areas of expertise. We always open to adopts new trading platforms to build beautiful successful solutions. Like Shopify, Magento, WordPress, Drupal, React/Angular JS framework, etc.  In 2013, we also launched mobile applications and since then build numbers of mobile ( Android & iOS ) applications. We have 1000+ happy customers feedback over marketplace websites like freelancer, UpWork, People per hour, good firm, clutch, Extract, etc.

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The 5 principles of success



We deliver core services and strategic change by doing a complete study/research before starting the project. Our process is dynamic and containing recommendations and an action plan to take the project to the next level. We turn an idea into a product, and then a product to a success!



We design your idea into reality and bring it to life. Your audience perceives your brand with your website look. So, we use a user-centric design that establishes a standard approach for successful and profit-oriented web design. Remember; if users can’t use a feature, it might as well not exist.



We develop custom software, meet the business needs, and help our customers identify goals and rank them by priority. Our web developers team start with a previously finished configuration and use the budget to modify that configuration towards the goals.



Project timelines have varying most importance in any of the workplaces to keep your company efficient and effective. That’s why we deliver the project on-time and within the allocated budget. Our professional project manager controls the whole process to finish the line at a cost.



We ensure the organization has a safe and stable infrastructure that have to dig deep from the idea that drives their project forward. We resolve to see through the execution of the project, and have the conviction to overcome any obstacles.


Our management team will guide the company towards the fulfilment of business objective with leading
and controlling the efforts of company employees.

Co-Founder & Managing Director at PTI WebTech
Suresh Kumar

Co-Founder & Managing Director

He is a co-founder & managing director at Prerna Trimurty Infotech Pvt. Ltd. He brings along more than 15 years of experience in the IT services industry. He has been responsible for key strategic initiatives such as project manager, owing to his strong business acumen and extensive domain experience in areas such as IT-support. Excellent insights into aligning IT with business to maximize value for the organization while implementing continual service improvements to increase operational efficiency, leverage technologies, and increase client satisfaction.

Co-Founder & Director-PTI WebTech

Sugan Chand

Co-Founder & Director

Sugan is co-founder and director at Prerna Trimurty Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Having clocked up over 14+ years of experience in Business Development, Sales and Marketing, and Technology Solutions. Highly motivated individual with a deep understanding of technology enabling clients to deliver projects that meet the end-users requirements and create new business opportunities. Provide value to customers as an IT Expert covering all process areas by applying strong analytical, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills to overcome the challenges faced by many organizations delivering IT services.

Co-Founder & Director-PTI WebTech

#Our Family

We are a family of friendly, open-minded, collaborative, and professionally growing people who can develop and implement creative solutions that make the client’s business easy.

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